Apex, an ISO 17100-certified company, is an organization of dedicated professionals comprised of linguists, DTP experts, software engineers, and project managers whose single and most important goal is to provide you with the best possible translation services and customer experience.

Meet our team and get to know the people who will make your next translation project a complete success.

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Hans Schlamadinger


A professional engineer with a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Graz, Austria, Mr. Schlamadinger spent over 35 years in leading positions in research and development in the automotive industry in both the US and abroad. A native German speaker, he also worked as a German/English technical translator for many years. In addition to his responsibilities as CEO, his duties also include the development and maintenance of Apex’s corporate Translation Environment Tools (TEnTs) and linguistic databases to assure an effective approach to work flow management, document management, as well as the management of linguistic resources.


Florian Deltgen, Ph.D., PD

Chief Linguist, VP Production
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Dr. Deltgen holds a Ph.D. from Cologne University, Germany, with a focus on comparative linguistics and anthropology. He is fluent in five languages and has a working knowledge in six more, including several non-European languages. Dr. Deltgen also pursued postgraduate studies in pharmacology and transcultural medicine, and received a post-doctoral degree of “Habilitation” from the same university. After several years of lecturing and research, he shifted to the business sector and has served in executive positions over the past 25 years for several international corporations, including leading translation and localization firms.

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Winfried Schlamadinger

Manager, European Markets
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Located in our office in Austria, Europe, Mr. Schlamadinger coordinates communication between our customers in the European Union and our offices in the US. Prior to joining Apex, Mr. Schlamadinger has been active in management functions and as consultant in the mining and construction equipment industry in Western & Eastern Europe, United States, as well as in the Middle East.


Amanda Harrison

Office / Project Manager

In addition to managing the day-to-day office management tasks, Ms. Harrison also functions as Project Manager for Apex Translations. Her duties include preparing proposals and interacting with our translators and our clients from around the globe. Ms. Harrison holds an Associate’s Degree in Accounting and Business Administration.

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Emily Phillips

Project Manager
Legal Translations

Ms. Phillips holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Campbell University in Government with focus on pre-law. Prior to joining Apex, she has worked for two law firms as a paralegal/legal assistant. Her duties include preparing proposals and interacting with our translators and our clients from around the globe.


Kayla Bundy

Sales Representative

Before joining Apex, Ms. Bundy worked for the local government of North Carolina as an election official for the Washington County Board of Elections. At Apex, her main responsibility is to maintain close contact with our customers to address any questions or concerns in coordination with our Project Managers and Chief Linguist to ensure optimal customer service.

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