Multilingual DTP Services

Do you need your documents translated in InDesign? Illustrator? FrameMaker? whatever your application, our Desktop Publishing team is ready to deliver linguistic clarity combined with aesthetic appeal. Our strategic resources, capacity, and project management capabilities ensure that you receive professional translations of your documents.


You have created a brilliant document in English using Desktop Publishing (DTP) software.
Every page looks terrific and the piece serves its purpose well. Well done!

Then you realize a translations is needed. Uh-oh. Will the text grow or shrink in the target language? Does it read right to left? Does it flow awkwardly around the document’s pictures? Will it fit into boxes and charts?

Relax! Allow Apex to help with your Desktop Publishing needs. We are not only a team of expert linguists with insightful knowledge of more than 200 language pairs, but we’re also computer-savvy DTP experts. Our experienced DTP team can localize your brochures, marketing collateral, user manuals, etc., into any language.

Our DTP services include:

  • Support for all major DTP applications and languages, in both Mac and Windows PC platforms.
  • State-of-the-art software and hardware.
  • Ready-to-print PDFs and compressed files uploaded to our FTP site or yours.


Success Stories

See what clients say about Apex’s translation, DTP, and localization services. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving quality, we have partnered with an independent review site to collect customer feedback.