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Are you fascinated by fast-paced, high-technology, globally impactful innovations? Look no further than the financial industry. Many financial services companies are going global; blockchain technology is becoming more sophisticated; Web 3.0 is revolutionizing how we use the internet and e-commerce. In short, the financial industry goes hand in hand with technology, innovations, and continuously evolving financial instruments.

This means that translators working in the industry are continually refining and updating their vocabulary, adding it to an already  comprehensive glossary of specific terms and expressions. Linguists working on your banking or financial documents must have subject matter expertise. Apex can deliver.

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Evolving Financial Tools

Many English financial terms are so new that they may not yet appear in dictionaries or have equivalents in other languages. Without reliable knowledge of the local market, it is quite challenging to work on documents containing this new terminology.
Accurate translation of your documents is ensured through the use of localization services combined with expert knowledge
of the specialized language of global trade, financial reporting, insurance claims, and more.

Reliable Translations of All Your Financial Documents

  • Real Estate: Listings, mortgage documents, financial
    paperwork, income statements
  • Insurance: Retirement plans, auditor’s reports, regulatory
    documents, claim paperwork
  • Economics: White papers, market studies, analyses
  • Banking: Foreign trade, public and private offerings,
    disclosures, correspondence
  • Taxes: Tax reports, International Financial Reporting Standards
    (IFRS) documents, SEC-required reports
  • Investing: Bonds, prospectuses, equities

More than Just Changing Words

In addition to accurate use of terminology, correct financial document translation requires proper numerical formatting.

Switzerland: €50’000.00
Germany:      €50.000,00
USA:                $50,000.00

financial report translations

Proprietary Financial Glossaries

At Apex, we are able to maintain:

  • Niche-specific dictionaries
  • Client-specific glossaries
  • Industry-specific Translation Memories (TMs)

The use of a TM allows linguists to work more consistently, more efficiently, and quickly without compromising quality.

financial translations

Subject Matter Experts

Just as professional economists focus on developing expertise in one specific area, our linguists are highly specialized too. They constantly supplement their educational credentials with lifelong learning in order to stay up to date at all times.

Efficient Project Management

  • One-point-of-contact Project Manager for each client
  • Optimal workflow
  • Fast turnaround
  • Confidentiality
  • Expansive capacity through coordinated teamwork
  • Support of a variety of File Formats

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father of the United States

Customers Sharing Their Experiences

See what clients are saying about our translation, DTP, and localization services. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving quality, we have partnered with an independent review site to collect customer feedback.

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