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You are trying to protect a world-changing invention, and untold resources on research and development are at play. You have invested huge amounts of time, effort, and money in getting your patent application exactly right. Now you are planning to file it abroad, and you need to have the patent translated. Naturally, you want use a translation service that has demonstrated the capability to deliver precise, terminologically correct translations in a variety of languages.

Apex understands that patent translations require not only linguistic skills and familiarity with key patent terminology, but also pertinent subject matter expertise, which varies from patent to patent.

Our work does not end there. As required by ISO 17100-2015, all our patent translations are bilingually edited (revised) by a second linguist with qualifications similar to those of the translator. A final check is performed by our Chief Linguist prior to delivery of the translation to our client.

And of course, as with every document we translate, we keep all aspects of your patent strictly confidential. All linguists involved in your translation project have signed a non-disclosure agreement with us that covers all proprietary information, whether sourced from Apex or the end client.

We succeed when you succeed. It’s that simple.


– Patent applications
– Patent litigation documents
– Prior art
– Claims only
– Abstracts
– Office Actions








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Office/Project Manager
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