Success Begins with
Cultural Competence

Apex understands the nuances involved in the translation and localization of marketing copy.

For example, take your latest creation. Your test audiences chuckled in response to your advertising materials. They loved the humor. They thought your product was great. However, what people think is humorous in one culture can fall flat when improperly localized to another language or culture.

It is important to recognize that localization of marketing copy is a multi-step process, of which translation is only the first step. If a full localization of your marketing copy is required, it will also need to be edited by a creative copywriter of the target language. This process of marketing text localization is more involved and time consuming. It is also more costly.  

Pfeil_AufzaehlungConduct a review with the client to determine clear objectives and an approach that should be applied to the localization process.

Pfeil_AufzaehlungTranslate the copy into the target language.

Pfeil_AufzaehlungSubmit the translated copy to a creative copywriter for a review and edit.

Pfeil_AufzaehlungBack-translate the edited copy into the source language.

Pfeil_AufzaehlungCompare between the original source text and the back-translated source text under the following considerations:
– Trueness of the localized copy to the original source text and intended meaning.
           – Assessment of any legal risks that could result from any differences between the source and target texts.

Pfeil_AufzaehlungCreate a final version of the localized target copy, which takes the results of the activity in the step above into consideration.

If you wish to pursue the localization of your marketing copy using the steps described above, please notify us as additional costs will apply. Our goal is to help your company succeed and thrive in foreign markets, and we have the expertise to help you get there.

Example Documents

– Brochures
– Flyers
– Promotional and Advertising Media
– Marketing Plans
– Public Relation Documents








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