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Apex provides technical translation services for virtually any specialty area of science or engineering.

At Apex, we take pride in our ability to provide accurate and professional translations of any document, regardless of the technical complexity or language combination. Our technical team comprises experts from a wide variety of industries and academic disciplines, and makes use of industry resource materials whenever necessary. We insist that all our translators demonstrate acumen in the fields relevant to your project. This ensures that all industry-specific terminology will be rendered precisely in your finished technical translation, and that your text will be understood completely. Frequently, there are complex design elements – for example, CAD drawings, charts, or tables – in technical documents such as user manuals, product specifications, or packaging. As a full-service technical translation agency, Apex has the software and expertise required to incorporate all intricate aspects of your original document in the final translation. The importance of terminological consistency throughout a technical translation cannot be overstated. Incorrect or improper wording could lead to costly or even hazardous circumstances. We at Apex augment the sharp eyes of our translators with the latest state-of the-art translation environment tools to make certain that every instance of a specialized term in a text is found and translated the same way every time. The translation is then passed on to one of our highly qualified reviewers, who examines it carefully to confirm that the text is clear and accurate. You can rest assured that everyone involved with your technical translation is as passionate about precision as you are.

Improving Manufacturing Product Sales through the Use of Technical Translation Services

These days, there are many reasons that manufacturers may need to print their product instructions (user guides, manuals, MSDSs, etc.) in many different languages. They may be operating in one country with several different official or commonly-spoken languages, such as Switzerland or the United States, or they may be attempting to expand into other markets abroad.  [Read More]


Example Documents

– Operators’ and maintenance manuals
– Scientific documents and reports
– MSDS documents
– Patents
– CAD drawings
– Software files








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