Supported document formats


Supported formats include but are not limited to:

.DOC, DOCX, Microsoft Word .AS Adobe Flash ActionScript File .PL Perl PL
.XLS, .XLSX Microsoft Excel .BAS QBasic & QuickBASIC .PNG Portable Network Graphic
.PPT, .PPTX Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation .BMP Microsoft Windows Bitmap .PO Gnu Gettext
.CSV Comma Separated Values .C C Source .PPS Microsoft PowerPoint Show
.PDF Portable Document Format .DOT Microsoft Word Doc. Templ. .PSD Adobe Photoshop Drawing
.TXT ASCII or Unicode plain text .DOTX Office Open XML Text Doc. Templ. .PUB Microsoft Publisher
.HTML Hypertext Markup Language .EPS Encapsulated Postscript .QXP QuarkXpress
.PHP Hypertext Preprocessor .GIF Graphics Interchange Format .RESX Resource file for .NET applications
.DWG AutoCAD .INDD Adobe Indesign .TIFF Tagged Image File Format
.123 Lotus 123 .INI Initialization file .XML Extensible Markup Language
.AI Adobe Illustrator .JAV JAVA Source .YAML YAML Ain’t Markup Language
.JPG JPEG .JS JavaScript

  If you have a question about your specific file format, please contact us and we will notify you if we can support it.