ISO 17100:2015 and 18587:2017 Certified


Certified to comply with the ISO 17100:2015 and 18587:2017 Quality Standards

Professional, Industry-Specific Translation Services

Apex provides high-quality and professional translation services to numerous major global entities and organizations. Our precision and attention to detail meet or exceed the linguistic standards of quality that you expect and require. Regardless of the industry you represent, we ensure that our translations match the industry-specific terminology relevant to your needs.

Businesses are faced with constant uncertainties – from fluctuating markets to global economic crises. Getting your corporate documents translated doesn’t have to be one of them. Our translation process is straightforward and unambiguous and provides the ideal level of flexibility to accommodate formatting or preferential text changes to your documents at no additional charge even after your translation has been completed. Apex will also work with you to develop customized glossaries and style guides to further streamline the process of translating your content the way you want it. Just let your Project Manager at Apex know what you need and we will take care of it.

Subject Matter Expertise is Vital!

We’re not just linguists – we’re also engineers, physicians, attorneys, business executives, scholars, and professionals from various industries. We draw on our industry-specific knowledge to convert even the most demanding and complex text into nearly any language effectively, according to its application and cultural context. Our linguistic resources and project management capabilities ensure that you receive professional, industry-specific translations of documents in the following areas:

End-to-End Language Solutions:

Our standard service level
includes the following:

  • Free pre-project consultation
  • Project setup and document preparation
  • Project management
  • Translation by a professional linguist
  • Bilingual revision of the translation by a second linguist
  • Formatting/DTP as requested
  • Final review by our in-house review team and the designated project manager

Optional translation services offered at no additional charge, if required or requested:

  • Collaboration with clients’ reviewers (if applicable) prior to and/or after project delivery.
    This process is designed to ensure that we fully comply with your company-specific terminology and other project-specific requirements, if necessary, through the preparation of and adherence to glossaries and style guides. This service also includes professional linguistic support that may be required to identify and implement optimum terminology and an appropriate localization approach for your project. For additional details regarding this service please review our Quality Guarantee Program.
  • Translation memory management: This involves capturing your translation projects in a linguistic database (translation memory) for use at a later time, resulting in significant cost savings, improved translation consistency/quality, and reduced turnaround times.
  • Free sample translation to assess our translation quality.

Additional document
translation services:

For more advanced support requirements, Apex employs our Localization Maturity
(LMM) to help develop methods and procedures designed to best match our
services to the needs of your organization.

AI/Machine Translation Services- Technology Intelligently Applied

Our unique machine translation solution, ApexMT, may be a viable solution if your project is appropriate in terms of the language pair(s), subject matter, formatting and text complexity, criticality, and requires an additional degree of flexibility for meeting tight deadlines and/or limited budgets.
ApexMT is intelligently designed to augment and broaden our standard service level. This approach does not eliminate human input throughout the production process, but aptly combines human intelligence, skills, and experience with the artificial intelligence, speed, and agility of modern computer software, resulting in a powerful tool designed to meet the demands of your project.

The basic approach is described in detail in the ISO quality standard 18587:2017, for which Apex is certified. You can also find additional information about our machine translation solution in our White Paper on Machine Translation.

Please contact us to see how ApexMT might be able to assist you with a specific project.

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