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Eight Years and Counting

Since 2012, Apex has been assisting Visible Body in creating some of the most detailed, visually engaging anatomy apps on the market. For us, this was a fascinating translation project, requiring continuous learning and expansion of our skills beyond the scope of our linguistic tasks. For our client, the collaboration resulted in a high-quality product that has reached an international audience, and earned them a a top market position.

About the Client
Visible Body is a US-based company that creates anatomy apps featuring interactive and highly accurate biomedical visualizations of the human body. Millions of individuals have used Visible Body apps, including students, teachers, medical professionals, patients; universities, hospitals, libraries, and businesses. Customers use Visible Body apps for studying and teaching anatomy and physiology, as reference tools, and as patient education materials.
The first app was launched in 2007 but prior to that, the Visible Body team spent over a decade as an educational publishing company and created content for educational publishers, including Pearson, McGraw Hill, and Cengage Learning.
Visible Body apps are available in more than 200 countries over the web, on iPads, iPhones, Android devices, PCs, and Macs, and on platforms such as Sectra and zSpace tables.

Challenging Complexity

► Tens of thousands of anatomical structures and terms
► Thousands of pages and images
► Hundreds of videos and 3D animations
► 7 languages
► Interdisciplinary collaboration with anatomical experts,
software and database specialists, biomedical visualization
experts, linguists, visionaries
► Streamlining project processes, reducing costs, and boosting synergistic effects.

Complex Service

► Translations and reviews by linguists with the right skill set
► Training of all linguists on applying one StyleGuide
► Processing files via our translation environment tool and building the type of tremendous translation memory that is the heart of every multi-language project, guaranteeing efficiency, cost control, and consistency while safeguarding accurate terminology
► Working within the Smartling platform since 2019, allowing a direct link between the linguistic team and app developers

One Point of Contact

All our clients, no matter how large or small the translation project, have their assigned project manager. You always have a real person to call or e-mail, who is knowledgeable about your project and its timeline, and is in close contact with the linguists involved.

Apex Delivered Translations of

► Anatomy, physiology, and pathology
video subtitles
► Terms and texts
► Buttons, icons, and menus in the apps
► Marketing material

Meet Emily Philips,

She is our project manager for the Visible Body account. Her job is to manage all the many moving parts of this unique collaboration.

“As a leading app developer in the medical, scientific, and educational fields, Visible Body strives to develop accurate, engaging, and interactive apps for our customers around the world. With this goal in mind, we turned to Apex to help us translate our apps into seven different languages. Our collaboration with Apex has resulted in accurate and reliable translations from linguists with medical backgrounds.

Apex provides wonderful customer service, and they’ve worked with us to develop a translation process that integrates seamlessly into our app development process. Over the years, Apex has proven to be a trusted and reliable partner in our endeavor to market our apps worldwide.”

Adrienne Devlin
Executive Editor
Visible Body

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