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By teaming up with Apex Translations, Gebrüder Meier AG has ensured precise localization of its high-quality drive technology and energy infrastructure solutions. Our innovative approach, including dynamic translation management, specialized teams, and interactive glossaries, has enhanced Gebrüder Meier AG’s brand perception and helped expand their international market presence.

Gebrüder Meier AG Case Study – Craftsmanship with Attention to Detail

About Gebrüder Meier AG:

The Swiss company Gebrüder Meier AG ( provides comprehensive solutions in the fields of drive technology and energy infrastructure. Their service spectrum includes overhauling, repairing, or supplying new components such as electric motors, generators, frequency converters, and soft starters, as well as emergency power and grid backup systems. In addition, they specialize in gearboxes and accessories, electrical installations, power circuit breaker overhauls, and mechanical manufacturing. Gebrüder Meier AG serves a variety of industries, such as mountain railways, waste incineration, trolleybuses, building technology, and more, highlighting their versatile expertise and adaptability to specific customer needs. At Gebrüder Meier AG in Switzerland, outstanding work ethic and expertise have been the basis for over 100 years of successful business operations and continuous growth.

The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and was the first Swiss company recognized as an SKF Certified Rebuilder. They not only value traditional craftsmanship but also demonstrate responsibility for the future through consistent adherence to environmentally friendly standards. Additionally, Gebrüder Meier AG is EnAW certified, indicating that they operate a carbon-saving energy management system well beyond legal requirements.


Gebrüder Meier AG faced the challenge of making their high-quality drive technology and energy infrastructure solutions accessible to a broader, international audience. This required precise translation and localization of technical documentation and marketing materials into multiple languages to ensure compliance with international standards while maintaining brand identity.

Approach and Solutions:

Given the challenge of making Gebrüder Meier AG’s complex technical solutions accessible to an international audience, our team went far beyond standard translation processes. Indeed, we developed an innovative approach tailored specifically to the unique needs of Gebrüder Meier AG:

  1. Implementation of a dynamic translation management system: This system utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze and adapt technical documents in real-time, therefore continuously learning and adjusting from previous translations.
  2. Deployment of specialized translation teams: Each team member was selected based on their specific expertise in drive technology and energy infrastructure, as well as their linguistic skills.
  3. Development of interactive glossaries: In close collaboration with Gebrüder Meier AG’s engineers, Apex Translations continuously updated glossaries it created to capture not only technical terminology but also company-specific terms and expressions.


Through these innovative steps, Gebrüder Meier AG successfully and accurately localized their technical documentation and marketing materials for a global audience. As a result, Gebrüder Meier AG managed to improve brand perception, increase customer satisfaction, and significantly enhance their international market presence.

“My experience with Apex: Their uncomplicated order processing combined with perfect execution make Apex Translations a reliable partner for all our translations.”

Rolf Kleissler
CEO Gebrüder Meier


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