Apex Translations partnered with Visible Body to translate advanced medical training content into seven languages. Our comprehensive approach, including specialized linguists, style guides, and efficient processes, contributed to Visible Body’s global presence, reaching over 1 million users worldwide.

Visible Body Case Study – A Decade of Partnership

About Visible Body:

Visible Body (https://www.visiblebody.com/), a renowned creator and publisher of some of the most meticulously detailed and visually captivating anatomy apps available, offers interactive, biomedical visualizations of the human body. These apps cater to a diverse audience, such as students, educators, medical professionals, patients, as well as organizations such as universities, hospitals, libraries, and businesses. Used for studying and teaching anatomy and physiology, as well as serving as invaluable reference tools and patient education materials, Visible Body apps have garnered over a million users worldwide.

The first app was launched in 2007. Prior to that, the Visible Body team spent over a decade as an educational publishing company and created content for educational publishers, including Pearson, McGraw Hill, and Cengage Learning.

Available across various platforms including iPads, iPhones, Android devices, PCs, Macs, as well as on platforms like Sectra and zSpace tables, Visible Body apps are accessible in more than 200 countries globally.


Visible Body sought a language partner proficient in translating advanced medical content for its diverse global audience. This entailed translating specialized medical terminology accurately to ensure optimal comprehension for all users. In addition, the localization process is very intricate, involving the translation of tens of thousands of anatomical structures and terms, hundreds of videos, and 3D animations into seven languages. As a result, collaboration with anatomical experts, software and database specialists, biomedical visualization experts, linguists, and innovators was crucial for the success of the project. Additionally, the localization process needed to be efficient and cost-effective while ensuring high-quality results.

Approach and Solutions:

In collaboration with Visible Body, Apex embarked on developing a comprehensive localization process tailored to precisely address the client’s requirements and specifications. This approach encompassed:

  1. Forming linguist teams for each language pair, comprising professionals with advanced knowledge and expertise in a variety of medical areas such as anatomy, physiology, and biology.
  2. Establishing a network of specialists to provide support to linguists when required.
  3. Co-developing an extensive style guide and glossaries to maintain terminological consistency, cohesiveness, and accuracy in the translations.
  4. Implementing streamlined project processes to meet cost, reliability, and quality score targets.
  5. Utilizing a specialized translation platform that facilitates direct communication between the linguistic team and app developers, in turn ensuring an efficient, customizable, and secure translation process with rigorous quality controls.


By collaborating with Apex Translations, Visible Body was able to increase its global presence, now offering its educational content in seven languages. This has led to remarkable growth, with a user base exceeding 1 million individuals and over 1,000 institutions and schools worldwide.

In December 2023, Visible Body was featured on multiple Apple App Store top-of-the-charts lists around the globe, including Top Apps of 2023, Top Paid, and Award Winners.

“As a leading app developer in the medical, scientific, and educational fields, Visible Body strives to develop accurate, engaging, and interactive apps for our customers around the world. With this goal in mind, we turned to Apex to help us translate our apps into seven different languages. Our collaboration with Apex has resulted in accurate and reliable translations from linguists with medical backgrounds.

Apex provides wonderful customer service, and they’ve worked with us to develop a translation process that integrates seamlessly into our app development process. Over the years, Apex has proven to be a trusted and reliable partner in our endeavor to market our apps worldwide.”

Adrienne Devlin
Executive Editor
Visible Body

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