At Apex Translations, we guarantee accurate and faithful translations, backed by our rigorous Quality Management System certified under ISO standards. Our comprehensive process includes project review, linguistic expertise, and quality control measures. We adopt company-specific terminologies and prioritize client satisfaction, making us the trusted choice for global companies seeking certified language services.

Translation Services with a Commitment to Quality – Guaranteed

Choosing a translation service provider to translate and localize your corporate documents may be a major decision for your company or organization that can have significant consequences. Thus, it is essential for your company to choose a vendor that has a proven track record, is trustworthy and reliable, and will stand behind their work – every time.

To honor this commitment, we guarantee the accuracy and faithfulness of our translations to the original text. In the unlikely event we miss the target, we will make any necessary revisions to the translated material to resolve the concerns.

That is why some of the world’s largest global companies rely on us to manage their localization requirements. Quality, efficiency and accuracy are the core of our philosophy and our processes.

To uphold the highest standards in our services, we have established a robust Quality Management System and achieved certification for compliance with the industry-specific ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 18587:2017 Quality Standards.

Our Quality Management System is designed to proactively identify project risks, implement effective preventive measures, and continually monitor our performance to ensure excellence.

Finally, our translations are subjected to our quality measurement process according to MQM (Multidimensional Quality Metrics), which is a flexible framework that allows for a detailed assessment of translation quality based on a defined set of error categories. It can be customized to specific project needs and combined with automated methods for initial filtering or scoring.

Outlined below is a comprehensive overview of our commitment to translation quality procedure tailored exclusively for our Premium service option. For a broader understanding of the full range of services we offer, we encourage you to explore our additional service options.

Comprehensive Project Review & Planning (QA):

The project review is designed to identify potential risks and create countermeasures to reduce the likelihood that these risk elements become obstacles or major issues. This review includes the following project variables:

  • File preparation
  • Translation memory
  • Terminology, glossary/term base
  • Human-Machine-Interface terms
  • Style Guide
  • DTP, graphic elements
  • Preliminary selection of the linguistic team (translators, bilingual editors and reviewers) that meet all ISO 17100:2015 requirements in terms of skills, experience, and subject matter expertise
  • Other project-specific considerations

Production Process (QA/QC):

The production phase comprises all the steps that are necessary to complete the translation. This part of the Quality Management System includes the following process steps:

  • Final selection of linguistic team.
  • Translation using state-of-the-art tools to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Comprehensive error check including the generation of a QC report using our proprietary error checking tool that is capable of identifying technical and linguistic errors  to help ensure consistent translations, including terminology, numerals, dates, punctuation, brackets, etc.

Quality Control Measures (QC)

Our Quality Control, or QC, is designed to ensure that the final product complies with all of our quality standards, as well as the specific requirements agreed upon with the client prior to delivery.  This part of the Quality Management System includes the following:

  • Bilingual editing of the translation(s) by linguists that meet all ISO 17100:2015 requirements in regard to skills, experience, and subject matter expertise.
  • Compliance check with all of our quality requirements and decisions made in the  Review & Planning section
  • Final content review by a Quality Control Analyst.

Adoption of Company-Specific Terminologies

Companies often develop their own glossaries in the requested target languages for describing their particular processes, products, and services. These often include company/industry-specific terminology.

In order to adopt your preferred terminology, we encourage collaboration with clients’ reviewers of the requested target languages. These discussions should preferably occur prior to getting started or during the translation process. However, circumstances sometimes require for this collaboration to occur after we deliver the finalized project and we will gladly work with our clients to accommodate this. The entire process is designed to ensure that we fully comply with your company-specific terminology, if necessary, through the preparation of and adherence to glossaries and style guides. This service is provided at no additional cost.

Qualifications of our Translators and Bilingual Editors

To further ensure that we consistently produce and maintain the highest possible degree of translation quality, all of our translators and editors
are required to comply with the international ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 18587:2017 Quality Standard. It defines the requirements for linguists, such as the minimum
academic requirements and years of professional experience necessary to be considered for working with a certified language service provider.

To meet the standards of ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 18587:2017, linguists must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold university-level degrees in relevant fields and/or possess a minimum of five years of professional translation experience.
  • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the source language.
  • Demonstrate native-level fluency in the target language.
  • Have an excellent understanding of the subject matter subject matter to ensure the right tone and terminological word choices are applied.

All of our translators and editors are required to undergo rigorous testing and training before they can be approved and accepted in our network.

“Quality Has to Be Caused, not Controlled.”

– Phil Crosby, Businessman and Author

Quality Certifications

Apex Translations is certified to conform to the requirements of the international ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 18587:2017 standards, which provide a formal framework for managing and enhancing our translation processes, as well as continuously reinforcing our commitment to maximizing customer satisfaction. Our QA and QC processes have been structured to comply with these standards and our proprietary project management system ensures that compliance is continuously maintained. Apex is additionally subject to annual ISO standard compliance audits by a globally renowned auditing agency.

ISO 17100:2015
Compliance with the ISO 17100:2015 quality standard is integral to our Premium service option. It encompasses the fundamental processes and resources necessary for providing professional translation and independent bilingual editing services, including project management, terminology management, and quality assurance, ensuring the highest standard of excellence in our services.

Download our ISO 17100:2015 Certificate

ISO 18587:2017

Compliance with the ISO 18587:2017 quality standard is integral to our Standard service option. It encompasses the fundamental processes and resources needed to deliver professional translation services, including project management, terminology management, and quality assurance, ensuring reliability and quality of our services.

Download our ISO 18587:2017 Certificate

Free Sample Translations

To bolster your confidence, we offer corporate clients the opportunity to receive a test translation of 150 to 200 words of their choice. Assess our quality before committing to the full project to ensure our translation services meet your expectations by requesting a free sample translation.


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