Of course, you expect to have accurate document translations that reflect the original meaning of the document that is being translated, and at Apex Translations, we go beyond that. We understand that language is very complex and is closely related to the culture of the people who will read it. We realize how important it is to know that words that are appropriate in one culture may have a totally different meaning in another. For this reason, our document translator that is assigned to complete your document translations is also an expert in your industry. Our translators specialize in specific industries and categories rather than doing general interpretations in a particular language. When you use Apex for your document translation, you will have your words translated by an expert who also knows your specific industry language for the best possible translation.

We Take Document Translations Seriously at Apex Translations

Striving to be the best can be difficult, but to us it is worthwhile. We take these steps to provide the best service to you:

  • We offer One Stop Shopping – When you partner with us, we are able to supply all of the interpretations that you need, including website translations, and desktop publishing by experts who know how to smoothly translate online.
  • Free Cultural Competency Consulting – We will help you choose the best words, the right tone, and the language approach for your text, purpose, or objective so that you can say exactly what you mean.
  • We have been translating documents for governments, corporations, and other organizations since 1998 – Most of our business is repeat clients who are very pleased with our translations.

At Apex, our Quality Commitment Plan assures that your translations will be accurate – 95% of our translations contain zero errors.