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Apex employs what is referred to as the “Localization Maturity Model” (LMM). In essence, the application of this model facilitates matching your organization’s translation/globalization requirements with the right people, processes, and technologies provided by the Language Services Provider. As organizations grow and their localization (translation) needs grow, your organization will have to move through stages of maturity as well.

Maturity Model

This model provides a framework for Language Service Providers and consumers of translation services to establish a common understanding of the existing localization framework and the processes being utilized. This knowledge, in turn, provides the foundation for how the Language Service Provider can most effectively integrate their services into the existing framework, help to further advance and develop it, and, in doing so, provide the optimum localization solution for you, the client.
Apex recognizes that the level of localization maturity of companies purchasing translation services varies a great deal, beginning with procedures and practices developed and implemented “on the fly” to more sophisticated levels of process, and translation automation. In order to provide optimum support for your localization effort, we would determine – using the Localization Maturity Model – the present state of the current procedures and practices including its strengths and weaknesses.
Once the current state has been sufficiently assessed and bench-marked, improvements can then be jointly developed to elevate the sophistication and maturity of the localization process by using an array of new technologies, approaches, and management initiatives.

Key focus areas such as work flows & processes, planning, technology, roles & responsibilities, etc., all play a pivotal role in your localization efforts. The following describes the different maturity levels ranging from companies that are just starting their localization effort, to companies that are fully entrenched in it.







Work flows & Processes

Work flows and processes are used mostly on an ad-hoc basis

Some work flows and processes are developed and employed

Work flows and processes are documented and employed

Work flows and processes are formally documented and are consistently followed by different divisions in the company




Companies in the final phase of the Localization Maturity Model have fully embraced the concept of localization, which has been established as a key function within the company and is fully integrated and a natural part of product releases, business planning, and quality management systems. 


Few, if any planning is in place  

Increased planning is in place 

Sufficient planning is in place 

Comprehensive planning is in place and available to all divisions in the company  

Use of technology

Very little technology, if any, is used to support the translation process

Technological solutions derived mainly from commonly available software solutions are employed 

Technological solutions are employed, some of them are purpose-built and specialized 

Comprehensive technological solutions are well-documented and shared across the company 

Roles and

Roles and
responsibilities of people are only marginally defined 

Improved identification of roles & responsibilities 

Roles and
responsibilities are well-defined 

Roles and
responsibilities have been fully defined across all divisions of the company 

Localization as a central corporate function





How can Apex help you advance
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At which level do you find your organization to be placed?

If you choose Apex as your Language Service Provider, we will help you analyze your current capabilities and we would jointly develop a road map towards achieving an optimized and cost-effective approach to global localization that meets all your requirements.

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