Upon request, we will professional translation certifications. This certification is a separate document that we will attach to the translation. It states that an experienced and qualified professional translator translated the document and that, in our best judgment, the translated text truly reflects the content, meaning, and style of the original text. Therefore, it constitutes in every respect a correct and true translation of the original document. In addition, we provide hardcopy translation certifications signed in ink and they bear the embossed Apex Corporate Seal.

If you prefer to receive an electronic translation certification, it will bear an electronic (digitalized) signature. However, be aware that because of its electronic format, we cannot notarize or apostille the translation, and it will not bear the embossed corporate Apex seal.

If required, we will notarize the signature on the translation certification. All notarizations are prepared in US English by a North Carolina registered Notary Public and bears the notary’s signature and seal. The notarization is part of the professional translation certification document.

A sample certification document is shown below.