A patent may need to be translated for informational purposes only. This type of translation is usually required when translating patents for litigation or researching prior art. The translation of a patent for information involves a more literal translation that closely adheres to the content, order, and style of the original patent.

In contrast, when translating a patent for filing, this kind of literal translation is not acceptable. Translators involved in translating patents for filing must have a keen awareness of the differences with regard to the laws, practices and regulations stipulated by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the European Patent Office (EPO), and the Japan Patent Office (JPO).

Patent attorneys often do not need a complete translation of a patent or technical document. They may be trying to identify relevant prior art or to determine if a particular patent or published article is even relevant enough to require a full translation, or just a translation of a select portion of text. Our translation services are specifically designed around your needs.

Why invest the time and money in a full patent translation if all you need is specific information regarding a specific aspect or elements of a patent or if you just have some questions about a particular patent document. Our patent gisting services may be the right fit for your needs. Our highly qualified and experienced translators can review your documents and provide you with a summary of those aspects and elements as well as any answers to your questions at a fraction of the expense and time necessary for a full patent translation.

As a comprehensive Intellectual Property translation company, we excel in translating a wide array of Intellectual Property protection materials, covering copyrights, trademarks, trade secret documents, licenses, and all related documents. In addition, our proficiency extends to utility model applications, design protection, and trademark protection materials, ensuring that your Intellectual Property needs are comprehensively addressed.