Why Are Translations So Expensive?

When hiring a translation company, many have difficulty understanding why there is such a variation in price among document translation services. The following are some of the major components of a translation project’s pricing structure, all of which may affect the final cost. A thorough understanding of these points will help you in choosing a document translation company that best fits your needs. Document word [...]

Improving Manufacturing Product Sales through the Use of Technical Translation Services

These days, there are many reasons that manufacturers may need to print their product instructions (user guides, manuals, MSDSs, etc.) in many different languages. They may be operating in one country with several different official or commonly-spoken languages, such as Switzerland or the United States, or they may be attempting to expand into other markets abroad. Regardless of the reason, selection of a high-quality technical [...]

The Best Things in Translation Aren’t Free. Part 3: Translation Agency Fee Structures

Now that we have established that it is best to use a translation agency when in need of document translation services, let’s explore the components involved in the price of a quality translation from a highly rated translation company. Administration This includes the owners and managers, receptionists and secretarial work, talent recruitment, accounting and billing personnel, sales and marketing staff and costs, and, of course, the [...]

The Best Things in Translation Aren’t Free. Part 2: Why Not a Machine Translation? The Technical Side of the Story

In part one of this series, we broke down some of the differences between human translation and translation by a program such as Google Translate from a linguistic point of view. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the more technical aspects of this comparison. What is it, exactly, about the nature of machine translation programs that makes them useful for travelers [...]

The Best Things in Translation Aren’t Free. Part 1: Why Not a Machine Translation? The Linguistic Side of the Story

If you’ve never needed a translation before, or if it’s been a while, it’s normal to be overwhelmed by all your options when choosing a language services provider (LSP). Some may wonder why it’s necessary to pay for a translation at all these days, now that Google Translate and other platforms have started to incorporate AI into their programming for many major languages. Others might [...]

Five Ways to Cut Translation Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

Because you are making the choice to use a language service provider (LSP) rather than relying on a machine translation, you are already aware that your project requires a careful and educated human touch. That touch, however, comes with a price tag that many clients wish to reduce. The following are some easy methods for doing just that. Choose your translation languages wisely and sparingly. [...]

Talking to Hans Schlamadinger, CEO of Apex Translation Services

Talking to Hans Schlamadinger, CEO of Apex Translation Services Q:  Did you know that Friday, September 30, is International Translators Day? HS:  Yes, I believe it is to celebrate St. Jerome, the patron saint of translators. I believe he translated the bible in the fourth century (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerome). Q: What is it like to run a translation company? HS:  Well, I certainly keep busy with setting [...]

Presidents Who Translate

In this year of presidential primaries, party platforms, and the presidential general election, it might be more than interesting to research presidential academic achievements, both past and present. We mere mortals must present our bona fides for any employment, so it might behoove us to take a look at American Presidents, commonly seen as global leaders, who have studied a foreign language or two. See [...]

The use of only…

Apex Translations wants you to understand that just one word and its placement is crucial to the correct meaning of the sentence. Directions: Place only anywhere in the following sentence. She told him that she loved him. <Scroll down for the variations.> Only she told him that she loved him. She only told him that she loved him. She told only him that she loved [...]

Meet Emily Phillips, Project Manager at Apex Translations

Q1:   Emily, tell us about your studies at Campbell University.  What got you interested in law and government? EP:  I love to argue.  No, really, law and government have always fascinated me - the research, the reasoning, and becoming an advocate to help others. Q2:  How long have you worked at Apex? EP: This fall will be seven years. Q3:  Describe a typical day at [...]

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