Oct 92013

Right Before Your Very Eyes……

So, you don’t think language is a living, changing force in our lives on a day-to-day basis?  Think again! For every language enthusiast or translator or any individual who has requested and paid for a professional translation service, this is a must-read.  As a language editor, I have long been a fan of the Visual Thesaurus Online and, lately, The Visual Thesaurus Magazine.  Ben Zimmer [...]

Oct 32013

An Open Letter to Beauty Business Giants

An Open Letter to Beauty Business Giants such as............. Proctor & Gamble, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Estee Lauder, Unilever, Shiseido, Clairol, Henkel, Avon, Mary Kay, Yves Saint Laurent, Clarins, Revlon, MAC, Alberto Culver, Lancome......... Dear Cosmetic Giants, We know you want us to look our best, feel our best, and be all that we can be, but is your product reaching all of us around [...]

Sep 142013

Translations Are Challenging

Translations Are Challenging:  Metaphrase vs. Paraphrase; Etymology and Semmes; Art vs. Science; and finally, Language Localization - Has the World Actually Changed? It seems that down through the ages, people like Cicero, Martin Luther, John Dryden, Samuel Johnson, Johann Gottfried Herder, and Ignacy  Krasicki (all translators, in addition to their day jobs) seemed to have much respect, not to mention a viewpoint, concerning the translation [...]

Aug 292013

Why do we translate ………anything?

Put simply, we want the grasp of the global economy and world-wide marketplace, so your company can grow to its prosperous potential.  This means your company might need to connect with ours and vice-versa.  The world awaits with just a small click, but how do we commence with China?  How do we start to communicate? Take a look at the culture today.  You turn on [...]

Jul 302013

Calling Dr. Translation, Calling Dr. Translation . . .

Nina Schuyler’s newly-published book, The Translator , is garnering universally good reviews (  It looks like a book well worth reading, especially here in our office at Apex Translation Services. There is a phenomenon called  Foreign Accent Syndrome, which gained towering interest some fifty-odd years ago.  Remember Virginia Tighe?  Tighe, a twentieth century American, whose hypnotic  transformation to a nineteenth century Irishwoman named  Bridey Murphy, [...]

Jul 152013

Apex Translations Salutes the Attitude of the Platitiude

We at Apex Translation Services keep our eyes on language simply because it is a living entity.  Expressions in English used four hundred or even two hundred years ago sound unfamiliar to our ears, and we're not quite sure of their meaning.  It is then, we head to our relations who number their advanced years in wisdom or advice attained (and who admittedly have heard [...]

Jul 42013

Some Thoughts on Language in America on this Independence Day, 2013

Recently, I attended a party this summer, and the conversation quickly turned to world travel, and the ensuing stories many of the guests told were about unfamiliar pronunciations, faulty comprehension, and the natural insecurities of traveling overseas or abroad without the certain knowledge of the native language. As it happened, I quickly added, “The United States never had an official federal language.  Still doesn’t.” One [...]

Jun 222013

Which Book is the Most Translated Throughout the World?

Even the most casual reader or citizen might reply with the correct answer: The Bible. The Qur’an is naturally close behind and Book of Mormon, too, is in the top most translated, but Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia’s List of Literary Works by Number of Translations puts Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi in second place.  Published in 1883, the enchanting story of a puppet who wishes to [...]

Jun 132013

Translations, Tonys, and Neil Patrick Harris

Of course, the televised Tonys, a magical pre-summer event for American viewers and lovers of American theater, began with song-and-dance-man Neil Patrick Harris reminding us that Broadway productions are produced and translated into thirteen languages this year alone.  It’s something an average American may well indeed give little thought, but for enamored global audience members, in breathless anticipation of a new play coming to their [...]

Jun 62013

Language Regionalisms in the USA and World-Wide

If you think you can't translate or use translation services on a regular basis, think again.  Apex Translations Services know and recognize the inherent differences in regional American English speech.   The  US citizen might be temporarily confounded by a fellow countryman's or countrywoman's speech; however, this is just one consideration our translator services at Apex face with many world-wide languages.  There is British English, American [...]

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