May 282013

Translation Is Everywhere, Even In The Movies!

You're watching a favorite comedy, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and just as the climax is about to explode on the screen, Charles, the protagonist, is interrupted in his marriage vows by his brother, claiming he knows a reason Charles should not marry the lady now standing beside him.  The brother signs to Charles (Charles' brother is deaf) if he will translate the brother's objections [...]

May 142013

Promises, Promises……..

Apex Translations Services promises to deliver our best product to you on time AND on budget..... There is an old proverb that notes:  "Your word is your bond." Given the universality of the above axiom, there are many variations on this saying such as. . . "You are only as good as your word." (This implies that integrity is a living entity, dependent upon a [...]

May 22013

Apex Translations leads the way in affordable translation excellence

"I am fully satisfied with such an excellent translation of a really difficult text in this extremely tight time frame and with marvelous presentation! (I myself speak both source as well as target languages fluently). I use professional translators frequently and am normally a critical and reserved person. But, this job is performed in a stunning manner, and its quality is surprising and delighting! Thank [...]

Apr 222013

How Can I Spell It Correctly if I Hear It Incorrectly?

Take absorb and absorption.  It's a b or p thing, and which is it?   In fast conversation, who pronounces it correctly? That leads to proNOUNce and proNUNciation themselves.  And once and for all, there is no such word as theirselves, and one hears it every day.  Finally, NO theirselves. How about nickel vs. fickle?  Harass vs. embarrass? The correct pronunciation of February?  Forget the u [...]

Apr 162013

A Typical Day at Apex Translations via E-mail

Client:  Good Morning.  I need the attached manual translated into French. Apex Translations:  Good Morning. Certainly. Client:  Right now, it's in English, but we need it in French for our French-speaking workers. Apex Translations: Of course, Sir. Are your workers in France, Algeria, Andorra, Belgium, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada (Quebec), Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo,   Djibouti, [...]

Apr 112013

Medical Translations for Immigrants

People who come to a new country to make a better life for themselves should not be burdened by the inability to understand vital medical information they need to make informed decisions about their health.   Although they might be able to find someone to help them understand documents written in a foreign language, this matter might add additional stress to their situation, and, sadly, the [...]

Apr 92013

Can You Benefit From Translation Services?

Since the Internet now allows us to communicate with people who speak almost every language, any business owner would be hard-pressed to decide that he/she has no need for professional translation services. Of course, some businesses take a different route and put the burden on the customer. This often leads to the customers becoming frustrated and finding any source whatsoever.  This action could result in [...]

Apr 42013

Are Your Website And Corporate Literature Localized For The International Market?

Websites are often designed to target the country in which the business, institution, or organization is located. However, the Internet is a worldwide service and it is therefore also important to make your website accessible to audiences in other countries. If you decide to do so, your sales collateral, marketing literature, brochures, pamphlets, etc., also need to be localized. Changes are, these document were created [...]

Apr 22013

Is Your Business Prepared To Operate in Foreign Countries?

Any time you do business with any sort of entity overseas it may be important that your legal documents are properly translated. Our legal translation services are comprised of professionals who will translate your legal business documents correctly. When it comes to legal document translation, there is no room for context, explanation, or interpretation. Legal documents must be translated exactly as they are written. Legal [...]

Mar 312013

You Think You Need Connections for Expert Translations? You Certainly Do. . . . .

Everyone starts life speaking his/her own mother tongue, but every child begins to learn a language with an alphabet.  Sometimes, there is often a connection, a mnemonic, a poem, a song, a riddle, or a rhyme that helps the learner remember that alphabet or alfabet (Danish), or alfabetet (Norwegian), or αλφάβητο (Greek). Read Howard Nemerov's A Primer of the Daily Round A peels an apple, [...]

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