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Industry-Specific Technical Translations

Take advantage of our industry expertise in delivering outstanding technical and business content. Apex provides technical translation services for virtually any specialty area of science or engineering, regardless of the complexity or language combination.
Whether you need to prepare training, testing, market entry, or technical documentation, our team comprises experts from a wide variety of industries and academic disciplines, and makes use of industry resource materials whenever necessary. We require that all our translators demonstrate acumen in the fields relevant to your project to ensure that all industry-specific terminology will be rendered precisely in your finished technical translation.

Example Specialty Areas
► Industrial Manufacturing
► Energy and Power Generation
► Electronics
► Aerospace and Defense
► Information Technology
► Chemical Engineering

Our Professional Technical Translations Help You to Improve

    • Manufacturing processes through accurately translated technical drawings
    • Customer safety and satisfaction through easy-to-read manuals
    • Compliance with regulations through proper wording, referencing, and labeling
    • Protection of your innovations in international settings through translation of patents and patent applications
    • Efficiency and workflow through easily to comprehend translations of employee training
      materials and how-to videos
    • Professional standing and scientific discourse through well-worded knowledge base articles

A Variety of File Formats and
Complex Design Elements

We are equipped to translate a wide variety of file formats. The formatting of CAD drawings, charts, or tables in the translated documents will match your source files.

A Full-Service Technical
Translation Agency

Apex has the infrastructure, software, and expertise required to incorporate all of the intricate aspects of your original document in the final translation.

Terminological Consistency

We use the latest state-of the-art translation environment tools to make certain that every instance of a specialized term in a text is translated the same way, every time. Every assignment is bilingually reviewed by a second, qualified linguist, who carefully verifies that the text is clear and accurate.

We offer terminology and translation memory management at no additional charge upon request.

“I am, and ever will be, a white-socks, pocketprotector,
nerdy engineer, born under the second
law of thermodynamics, steeped in steam tables, in
love with free-body diagrams, transformed by
Laplace and propelled by compressible flow.”

– Neil Armstrong, American astronaut and aeronautical engineer

Built to Last

Gebrüder Meier AG is a Swiss-based, industrial powerhouse specializing in drive
engineering for electrotechnical and mechanical plants. Apex Translations
proudly provides technical translations for this company.

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Free Sample

Allow Apex to offer you a free sample translation of about 150–200 words using the texts and languages of your choice. This sample will provide you with a perspective on our translation quality and style before you place an order with us. If you would like to discuss your project needs with us, simply let us know, and we will call you at your convenience. Tell us about your translation project!

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