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Experts say that user error causes 60-80% of all accidents involving medical devices. Correctly translated instructions and well-formulated explanations prevent mistakes that could have serious consequences.

In an industry that requires the highest level of accuracy, Apex is trusted by major life sciences companies, including medical device manufacturers, healthcare institutions, and contract research organizations worldwide. As one of the market leaders in the field, we have developed and refined procedures that are certified to the ISO 17100-2015 quality standard so that we can deliver highly accurate medical translations within (often short) regulatory time frames.

Apex assigns medical translations only to medically and scientifically qualified linguists. Typically, they are medical doctors, researchers, or highly experienced specialists with significant subject matter expertise.

When Your Health Is on the Line

If you have had or are anticipating medical treatment abroad, you’ll need translation services for your medical records in order to ensure continuity of care and appropriate reimbursement from your insurance company. We at Apex translate your health information as painstakingly as if it were our own, since we know that even the slightest error can make a big difference in your insurance payout or your treatment. After the translation is finished, it is reviewed by an editor with qualifications matching those of the translator. And naturally, every word is confidential: all of our highly trained medical translators and reviewers sign a non-disclosure agreement to make certain that your private information stays that way.

The Importance of Choosing a Qualified Provider for Medical Translations

A common misconception among people seeking a translation in a specialized field such as medicine is that any translator can do the job. After all, the reasoning goes, translators understand both languages they are dealing with, so isn’t translation just the process of converting a text from one language to another? How hard can it be? [Read More]













Clinical Research



Medical Devices


– Clinical trial documentation
– Marketing collateral
– Healthcare educational material
– Health authorities’ opinions, approvals, and authorizations
– IFU (Information For Users)
– EMA and FDA marketing authorization applications
– Patient data and medical records
– Insurance documents
– Training courses, presentations and video scripts








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Success Stories

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Why Apex?

Apex is an excellent resource for professional language services, including legal, medical, and technical document translations, website translations, translations involving DTP, and software localization. We are dedicated to providing translations to every type of client, from individuals to large corporations, with an on-time, high-quality product and superb customer service. No matter what the subject, Apex has the resources to quickly match your project to translators and reviewers with the correct skill sets, ensuring timely delivery of a superior document containing the appropriate terminology. Our documents are translated and revised by native speakers of the target language for maximum accuracy. If you are searching for an ISO-certified translation agency providing high-quality reproductions of your texts in the languages of your choice, you’ve come to the right place.

ICYMI (In case you missed it):

Perhaps this is the first time you have needed a translation. Allow Apex to show you our work in the form of a free sample translation of about 150 words of your choice and language. This sample will give you a perspective of our translation quality and style before you place an order with us.