Take absorb and absorption.  It’s a b or p thing, and which is it?   In fast conversation, who pronounces it correctly?

That leads to proNOUNce and proNUNciation themselves.  And once and for all, there is no such word as theirselves, and one hears it every day.  Finally, NO theirselves.

How about nickel vs. fickleHarass vs. embarrass? The correct pronunciation of February?  Forget the u in pronunciation, but do not forget it in the spelling.

The novelty continues.  There’s the <bough, cough, laugh, dough, rough, though, through, thorough> thing.  ENOUGH!

We at Apex Translation Services have practiced grammarian-proofreaders with vast experience of homonyms and homophones lying in wait for various contextual circumstances.  If you’ve ever used Spell Check, you know that it does not tell the difference between a there-they’re-their mistake, because if the word is spelled correctly, there is no error.  Except for CONTEXT!!!

Apex Translations has trained readers/editors who will catch an error, which seemingly appears harmless but will destroy the meaning and continuity of a text because of the homonym/homophone dilemma.

Right, there are two m’s in dilemma.

Allow Apex to rescue you from grammar despair.  Another worry lifted, you can now enjoy that bag of M&Ms you hid away in your desk drawer until the next textual conundrum appears.

Is conundrum a musical instrument?