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Professional, Industry-Specific
Translation Services

Apex provides high-quality and professional translation services to numerous major global
entities and organizations. Our precision and attention to detail exceed the linguistic standards of
quality that you expect and require. Regardless of the industry you represent, we ensure that our
translations match the industry-specific terminology relevant to your needs .

We Specialize in the Following Subject Matters:

End-to-End Language Solutions:

Our standard service level
includes the following:

  • Free pre-project consultation
  • Project setup and document preparation
  • Project management
  • Translation by a professional linguist
  • Bilingual revision of the translation by a second linguist
  • Formatting/DTP as requested
  • Final review by our in-house review team and the designated project manager

Optional services we offer at no
additional charge:

  • Collaboration with client’s reviewer
  • Terminology management
  • Translation memory management
  • Free sample translation – up to 200 words

Additional document
translation services:

  • Proofreading and editing services
  • Copy editing
  • Certification and notarization of our translations
  • Customized services and support upon request

For more advanced support requirements, Apex employs our Localization Maturity
(LMM) to help develop methods and procedures designed to best match our
services to the needs of your organization.

AI/Machine Translation – Technology Intelligently Applied

Our unique machine translation solution, ApexMT, may be a viable solution if your project
requires an additional degree of flexibility for meeting tight deadlines and/or limited budgets.
ApexMT is intelligently designed to augment and broaden our standard service level. This
approach does not eliminate human input throughout the production process, but aptly
combines human intelligence, skills, and experience, with the artificial intelligence, speed, and
agility of modern computers, resulting in a powerful tool designed to meet the demands of your
The basic approach is described in detail in the ISO quality standard 18587:2017, for which Apex is
certified. Please contact us to see how ApexMT might be able to assist you with a specific project.

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