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Translating legal documents is exacting work. We pay meticulous attention to every possible detail. Your case depends on it.

Laws and legal terminology are highly specific not only to each language, but to the legal system in which they are used. Inaccuracies in the translations of legal texts can cause misunderstandings that could affect the bottom line of a business, or even impact an individual’s freedom. Verbatim translations are not what are needed here; it is essential that the translators have a firm grasp of the meaning and nuance behind each phrase in the original document and be able to convey them precisely, using legal terminology appropriate to the target language and legal system. Apex’s legal translation experts have thousands of hours of experience and the resources essential for the effective, competent conversion of your legal documents into your desired target language. Even when your project is straddling two or more legal systems, such as statutory and common law, Apex bridges the language gap in order to translate your legal documents accurately. We at Apex appreciate that maintaining the confidentiality of your legal documents is of utmost importance to every aspect of your case. Every person in our production chain who handles your materials has signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure that not a single detail is ever revealed to any third party. Whether the project is the record of a private adoption or a multimillion-dollar corporate lawsuit, Apex is committed to treating your documents with the utmost competence and care.

Choosing a Language Service Provider for Legal Translations

Whether you are a private individual with a foreign-language contract you need to understand or you are the representative of a law firm that requires the translation of evidence or a ruling from another country, legal translations are highly technical in nature, and their execution is best left to qualified professionals. Here are a few tips to help you choose a good language service provider for your legal translation. [Read More]



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– Court Transcripts
– Depositions
– Judgments
– Articles of Incorporation
– Leases
– Wills and Testiments








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Why Apex?

Apex is an excellent resource for professional language services, including legal, medical, and technical document translations, website translations, translations involving DTP, and software localization. We are dedicated to providing translations to every type of client, from individuals to large corporations, with an on-time, high-quality product and superb customer service. No matter what the subject, Apex has the resources to quickly match your project to translators and reviewers with the correct skill sets, ensuring timely delivery of a superior document containing the appropriate terminology. Our documents are translated and revised by native speakers of the target language for maximum accuracy. If you are searching for an ISO-certified translation agency providing high-quality reproductions of your texts in the languages of your choice, you’ve come to the right place.

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