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As an industry leader in aircraft maintenance, aircraft management, and business jet charters, DC Aviation prides itself on safety, flexibility, reliability, and individuality. It created a class of its own, setting some of the highest quality standards in the field.
DC Aviation has been using the services of Apex Translations since 2012. We are a small wheel in a larger machine of external service providers, contributing to excellence and long-term success.

About the Client
DC Aviation originated in 2007 from DaimlerChrysler Aviation, a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler AG established in 1998. As largest business jet operator in Germany, the company offers a range of core services: business jet charter, aircraft management, aircraft maintenance, and consulting.
The company has about 350 employees at its Stuttgart site, its Malta branch, and its Moscow and Paris locations. DC Aviation’s Al-Futtaim operation in Dubai rounds out its truly international presence.

Emphasis on Individuality

Operating in international markets comes with the risk of neglecting individuality. Not so at DC Aviation, and not so at Apex Translations. We assign every client a project manager who provides a single point of contact. Moreover, upon request, we provide a dedicated team of translators to guarantee that all projects for a specific client are customized and consistent in style and quality.

Love of Excellence

For this client, we perform translations from German into English and English into German relating to press releases and other PR communications. To make the partnership a success, we work to accurately match the tone of the source documents, provide a consistent level of quality, and ensure fast turnaround times.
Apex’s international presence, with offices in the US, Germany, and Austria, guarantees that we are available to our client 24/7.

Internal PR Communications

Celebrating success and ongoing innovation with press releases is important. Equally essential is building a company culture that allows everyone to feel recognized and share in the success of the business. That is what internal PR communications are all about.

Professionalism and Cultural Competence

Although copy writing is not one of the services we routinely offer, our linguistic advisor, Dr. Deltgen, exhibited his linguistic expertise and cultural competence by writing a speech in English for one of DC Aviation’s marketing executives, addressing a mostly Arabic audience. Quality linguistic services do not just replace a word with one in another language. They do always take cultural aspects of the target audience into account to find appropriate wording and metaphors.

“The best or nothing at all.”

– Gottlieb Daimler, German Engineer and Industrial Designer

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Allow Apex to offer you a free sample translation of about 150–200 words using the texts and languages of your choice. This sample will provide you with a perspective on our translation quality and style before you place an order with us. If you would like to discuss your project needs with us, simply let us know, and we will call you at your convenience. Tell us about your translation project!

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