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Let’s Talk Value

Choosing the right vendor for your company

When comparing translation companies, you will face the challenge of having to compare several translation service providers that vary greatly in terms of cost and the services they provide.

The following are five essential factors to consider when trying to determine which company delivers the best value for your translation needs.



When you need to communicate important information in foreign languages, it’s critical to choose a company that has the competencies and resources to render clear and concise translations of your documents. The following are just some of the many compelling reasons for selecting Apex as your translation service provider.

  • Certified to comply with the ISO 17100-2015 quality standard.
  • Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Ranked as “Excellent” based on customer reviews by the Trustpilot independent review site.
  • Project support available 24/7.
  • We employ the following assets, tools, or people with specialized skill sets to meet our client expectations:
  • Translation Environment Tools employed to capture translations in a linguistic database (translation memory) for later use, resulting in considerable cost savings, enhanced translation consistency, and faster turnaround time.
  • Cloud-based technology that allows simultaneous translation project processing by multiple linguists, significantly improving translation quality, collaborative effectiveness, throughput time, and terminology consistency. This includes familiarity with the Smartling platform (
  • Cloud-based project management platform that provides clients with full access to project status, progress, and discussion topics at any time from anywhere.
  • Translation Quality Metric (SAE J2450) published by the Society of Automotive Engineers, for a concise quantification and guarantee of translation quality.
  • Professionals with the language skills and subject matter experience to translate documents with linguistic, thematic, and cultural accuracy.
  • Web designers and software engineers to assist with website translation/implementation and software localization/testing.


In your quest to narrow your choice of translation service provider that best fits your company’s needs, you will likely be seeking cost-effective professional translation services with a demonstrated commitment to meeting today’s stringent quality standards.

To determine how our pricing compares with our competitors in the industry, we have consulted with industry experts at Common Sense Advisory (CSA), an independent market research company that helps translation service providers such as Apex to benchmark, optimize, and innovate best practices in translation, localization, interpretation, globalization, and internationalization.

Data obtained from CSA’s research, combined with our own studies and annual surveys, confirm that Apex’s pricing is highly competitive with that of other ISO-certified translation service providers.


Customer Satisfaction

Pricing, translation and formatting quality, customer support, and client-vendor interaction are your essential concerns as well as ours.

In order to quantify our level of customer satisfaction, we have partnered with independent review site TrustPilot, which collects regular reviews generated by our clients. The reviews we have obtained via TrustPilot have consistently resulted in an overall rating of “Excellent”.

All client reviews may be found on our Customer Satisfaction Review page.



Customer Support

Quite simply, our goal is to provide you with comprehensive support throughout the duration of your project. We do so by providing:

  • Full access to project status data, information on progress, and discussion topics at any time from anywhere in the world via a cloud-based management platform
  • A single point of contact to facilitate an uninterrupted flow of communication
  • The option to incorporate client-provided glossaries and/or terminological preferences into our translation process
  • Rapid response to questions and issues
  • Rush services
  • On-site customer visits
  • 24/7 support to address any linguistic and/or project management issues that may arise

For more advanced support requirements, Apex employs what is referred to as the Localization Maturity Model (LMM) for managing methods and procedures used to deploy appropriate customer support.

Speed and

No matter which industry you represent, excellent delivery performance is a key factor of your success in today’s competitive environment. The same holds true for the translation of your documents. Apex has the processes and resources to respond rapidly to your time-sensitive translation requests, as well as the flexibility to adapt to your work flow, improving project efficiency metrics and turnaround time. Our 98% on-time delivery record demonstrates our commitment to punctual service.